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McBride Lighting is a sign maintenance professional and has the ability to maintain any flourescent, neon, or LED sign. Our trucks can reach almost any sign that needs maintenance, and if our trucks can't reach it we have lifts that can. We specialize in neon sign and flourescent sign maintenance. We also convert neon signs to LED to save energy and maintenance expenses. Almost all signs can be converted to LED and we can do almost any color LED sign.

McBride Lighting also installs and removes signs for customers that are starting up or upgrading their facility.

McBride Lighting also installs LED borders to accent your roof line, signage, or property.

Our sign contracts provide a worry free maintenance program so the customer never has to worry about their sign being out. With our periodic inspections we can spot problems before the sign goes out.

If your sign is out or maintenance is needed please call 303-778-8787

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