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Emergency electrical problems are complicated and often occur more frequently than we would like. That's why our entire team of emergency electricians is there to help you in an emergency. We provide emergency service for electrical wiring repair, electrical troubleshooting, and other problematic electrical issues. Remember, no matter the time of day or night, we are here to solve your electrical problems. Contact a 24-hour electrician here at McBride Lighting & Electrical Services for emergency service the next time you need it.

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Denver Electrical Contractors That Care About Your Home Or Business

If you need help from a local electrician, contact McBride Lighting & Electrical Services. We have over decades of knowledge and experience to ensure your home or business is back up and running. So the next time you need an electrical repair, For example, flickering lights or rewiring, call your team!

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Our Electrical Services

Residential Electrician
Residential Electrician

Under residential services, our team can fix lighting fixtures, home electrical wiring, and kitchen electricity. McBride Lighting & Electrical is your trusted choice for Residential Electricians in Denver and all surrounding areas of Colorado.

Commercial Electrician

We offer a wide range of services under the Commercial electrical services category. You can hire McBride Lighting & Electrical to fix anything related to electricity in your business premises.

Lightning Services
Lightning Services

This includes installing new light fixtures, repairing damaged light fixtures, and replacing light bulbs.

Electrical Remodeling
Electrical Remodeling

Residential or Commercial electrical services includes installing new outlets and switches, wiring new additions, and upgrading old electrical panels.

Why does my electrical outlets are not working?

Our electrical outlets are something we all love and hate. While they're great for connecting devices, they can also be unreliable when you need to charge your phone or use your laptop. Although most people agree that electrical outlets can be tricky, when inconvenience becomes a daily problem, it's important to address the issue. A defective socket can disrupt your everyday life and make your work more difficult. You also don't want to lose productivity. McBride Lighting & Electrical Services can help you breathe deeply and get your work done. We are a full-service electrical contractor providing residential and commercial repairs and installations. We are your one-stop shop for all your electrical needs. We can help you with all aspects of electrical installations and repairs, including an outlet that won't turn on or a circuit breaker that keeps tripping.

What certified electrician can do for you?

McBride Lighting & Electrical Services, Denver's premier electrical contractor, is the right choice for all your electrical needs. We have the expertise and training to assist you with any type of electrical installation or repair. We can replace outlets or repair circuit breakers. Our professionals are here to help you with any electrical installation or repair, and our live phone support is available 24/7.

Give Us A Call For Quality Electrical Wiring, Troubleshooting And Repair Services

If you are looking for an experienced and caring electrician, someone to take care of your electrical wiring repairs, or even an electrician who is available 24 hours a day, then we are the company for you. We offer electrical repair and emergency services and are the best company to take care of your home. You can rely on McBride Lighting & Electrical Services. So if you need a quality Denver electrician, pick up the phone and call us at (303) 778-8787.

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